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Viewed 8224 times2016-06-30 07:23 |Personal category:Little Empire Wiki

Dear Sirs & Madams,

As you know, my current project is to rebuild the Little Empire Wiki better then it has ever been. I am pleased to say that I am now an official Admin. Within one day I have

  • Added a Wiki Logo
  • Added a Wiki Favicon
  • Added a Wiki Wallpaper
  • Customized Wiki Colours (Yes i'm an Aussie)
  • Customized the Wiki Badges (These should add some game-related incentive to contributing to the wiki). For example, if you make 1 edit on any article, you will be awarded a level 1 footman badge (There are many more).
  • The buildings page, as well as the heroes pages is all but complete (still need to do linked pages), as well as the spells page (containing some speculated 'upcoming' spells).

Just from these humble changes, the entire wiki is looking so much better and more professional!

If any of you from freemojo are interested in contributing to the wiki, send me a pm and I'll try and help you get started!

And so my mission continues...

Yours Truly,




Shake hands



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