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# Task Name Require Level Tasks Description
1 Defeat a Small Wave! 1
Description: The Savage Army is coming to raid us again! Remember to select your hero at the bottom left. He or she will prove to be a great help on the battlefield.
Content: Footman*3,Footman*1
Rewards: 1501
2 Equip My Hero! 1
Description: "Click on the shiny statue on the map and select check to open the hero panel. You can drag the items you just won/bought onto the item slots to equip your hero. Doesn't your hero look awesome now?"
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 10050160
3 The Enemy Strikes Again 1
Description: "Use your hero's special ability wisely and victory will be a breeze. Your ability is ready to use once the icon lights up."
Content: Footman*6
Rewards: 703
4 A New Enemy Appears 1
Description: "A group of trolls has appeared! Don't worry, we'll beat them as blue as the day they were born. As usual."
Content: Troll*4
Rewards: 804
5 A Storm of Blue Skins 1
Description: A horde of trolls has appeared! Shatter their formation with magical spells.
Content: Troll*10
Rewards: 1005
6 The Strength of a Hero 1
Description: The Savage Tribe minions that you just defeated have brought new units to seek revenge!
Content: Footman*6,Zombie*1
Rewards: 1102
7 A Storm of Elves 1
Description: Flowing blonde hair, piercing green eyes, and a heavy bow? Who are these agile new foes?
Content: Archer*8
Rewards: 1904080
8 Bad Mouth Carl 1
Description: Watch out! The head of the Savage Army, Bad Mouth Carl, was spotted nearby. He is a well-known outlaw, not to mention the scourge of dentists worldwide. This should be exciting.
Content: Berserker82,Footman*2,Zombie*1
Rewards: 18040190
9 A Surprise Attack 1
Description: Bad Mouth Carl arranged a sneak attack and injured many of our villagers. Deploy troops to drive him back.
Content: Footman*5,Troll*5,Zombie*1
Rewards: 19050100
10 A Small Test Run 1
Description: "Time to put these elves to the test! With their help, we'll crush our enemies."
Content: Footman*12,Troll*6,Archer*6
Rewards: 200401110
11 Employing Tactics 1
Description: Even though we are outnumbered, we can destroy their fortress if we concentrate on clearing a path to the castle wall.
Content: Troll*2,Footman*2,Troll*2,Footman*2,Troll*2,Footman*2
Rewards: 21050120
12 Striking Back 1
Description: We should seize this opportunity to strike while our enemy is on the retreat! The more units we deploy, the greater our chance of victory.
Content: Footman*4,Troll*4,Berserker42,Zombie*2
Rewards: 200501130
13 Striking From Behind 1
Description: Unit combination is very important. We recommend arranging trolls behind footmen to fully utilize the range of their spears.
Content: Footman*8,Troll*8
Rewards: 23050140
14 Scouting Team 1
Description: Looks like Bad Mouth Carl is testing us by sending out a scouting team.
Content: Footman*4,Troll*5,Archer*3
Rewards: 250501150
15 Critical Strike 1
Description: "Don't let them underestimate us."
Content: Footman*10,Troll*8,Archer*5
Rewards: 26050160
16 A Great Wave of Enemies! 1
Description: "You thought you beat the minions of Bad Mouth Carl into submission, but get ready for bad news. They're back with a full army of swords and spears- and even archers!"
Content: Footman*4,Troll*4,Berserker62,Archer*1,Zombie*1
Rewards: 270501170
17 A Storm of Ninjas 1
Description: "Pew! Pew! That was close! I'd have lost my ears if I hadn't dodged in time."
Content: Ninja*18
Rewards: 29050180
18 Time of Disorder 1
Description: We must really be a pain in the gums to Bad Mouth Carl. His troops have snuck up on us again!
Content: Footman*12,Troll*10,Archer*8
Rewards: 350701190
19 Zombie Invasion! 1
Description: The fallen units will turn into zombies. Fortunately, we have plenty of archers.
Content: Zombie*8
Rewards: 400801200
20 Holding Our Ground 1
Description: Our enemy has sent out many small waves of enemies, trying to break our hold on Loeffing Avenue. We must stop them!
Content: Footman*6,Troll*5,Archer*3,Priest*3
Rewards: 45090200
21 Formation Matters! 1
Description: Keep in mind that close-range units are stronger and should be arranged at the front of the formation.
Content: Footman*12,Troll*12,Archer*7,Priest*4
Rewards: 5501101210
22 Command with Confidence 1
Description: "It is vital to stay calm during a battle and cast spells at the right time. Don't waste your hero's mana."
Content: Footman*8,Troll*12,Archer*10,Priest*3
Rewards: 6001201220
23 "Carl's Revenge" 1
Description: "After only a few days rest, Bad Mouth Carl is back again. Word is he's after our crystals this time."
Content: Footman*6,Troll*6,Archer*6,Berserker8012
Rewards: 7001401230
24 Protect the Priests 1
Description: "Priests are very weak units. They don't have helmets or armor and must be stationed behind other soldiers for protection."
Content: Footman*12,Troll*12,Archer*7,Priest*5
Rewards: 7501501240
25 Shamans Appear 1
Description: Who are these jumpy green-skinned fellows? Could they be the legendary shaman priests?
Content: Footman*10,Troll*6,Shaman*6,Archer*10,Zombie*2
Rewards: 800160250
26 Blood Lust 1
Description: "Why has our enemies' attack speed increased? It must be the weird spells that the shamans are casting."
Content: Footman*9,Troll*11,Archer*16,Shaman*6
Rewards: 8501701260
27 Captain Jack 1
Description: Carl has swashbuckled his pirate friend, Captain Jack, onto the battlefield to help. Jack is not easy to handle. Be careful this time, my master.
Content: Footman*8,Troll*7,Archer*7,Priest*5,Berserker4022
Rewards: 9501901270
28 Invincible Knights 1
Description: With these lightning-fast units, our raids against other countries will only get easier.
Content: Footman*12,Troll*12,Archer*18
Rewards: 1200240280
29 "An Archer's Nightmare" 1
Description: Archers are very powerful long-range units, but they can only weep when faced with knights. We recommend using knights against archers.
Content: Archer*6,Shaman*6,Archer*6,Shaman*6,Archer*6,Shaman*6,Archer*6
Rewards: 14002801290
30 A Great Brawl 1
Description: "Various remnants of Bad Mouth Carl's Army are floating around outside the castle like the wisps of his putrid breath. Let's blow them away."
Content: Footman*6,Troll*6,Archer*12,Shaman*6,Zombie*6
Rewards: 17003401300
31 The Voodoo Beat 1
Description: Use shamans to speed up our troops so that they can penetrate all enemy defenses.
Content: Footman*12,Troll*6,Archer*12,Priest*6,Shaman*3
Rewards: 1900380320
32 Team of Priests 1
Description: With the support of our priests, our army has become unstoppable!
Content: Knight*2,Archer*6,Shaman*3,Priest*6,Succubus6032
Rewards: 20004001340
33 "Conquerors' Playground" 1
Description: Sound the horn of conquest! The battlefield is merely our playground.
Content: Knight*6,Troll*12,Shaman*6,Archer*12
Rewards: 13002601360
34 The Archers Strike Back 1
Description: A large army of elves are closing in, on the march for vengeance.
Content: Archer*32
Rewards: 22004401380
35 Summer Frost 1
Description: "That's odd- I was just eating an ice cream. Why is it suddenly snowing outside?"
Content: Mage*6,Shaman*6,Mage*6,Shaman*6,Mage*6,Shaman*6
Rewards: 2300460400
36 A Huge Wave of Enemies 1
Description: "Taking advantage of different units' strengths and weaknesses is the key to victory. We recommend arranging a combination of knights and archers."
Content: Knight*6,Ninja*6,Archer*8,Priest*6,Succubus8012
Rewards: 26005201420
37 Melting Cold Ice 1
Description: Archers have an advantage in suppressing these Mages. Give them a try.
Content: Mage*32
Rewards: 25005001440
38 Mercenary Warfare 1
Description: Clear away the surrounding mercenaries to ensure the safe development of our country.
Content: Knight*6,Wolf Rider*3,Archer*6,Priest*6,Archer*12
Rewards: 29005801460
39 "A Knight's Doomsday" 1
Description: With Mages on the field, knights find their shining armor about as useful as scrap metal. We recommend using mages against knights.
Content: Knight*8
Rewards: 30006001480
40 Easy as Pie 1
Description: "Carl is getting irritated. He's sending these troops on a suicide mission."
Content: Footman*42
Rewards: 31006101500
41 Battle Cry 1
Description: I can already imagine what a chaotic battle this will be!
Content: Troll*42
Rewards: 31006101520
42 Soaring Arrows 1
Description: Knights! Calling on all knights!
Content: Archer*42
Rewards: 31006101540
43 Masked Villains 1
Description: Ow! Those darts are nothing if not annoying. Please - yikes! - dispose of these ninjas quickly!
Content: Ninja*42
Rewards: 31006101560
44 "A Frost Mage's Nemesis" 1
Description: Beginner units are still very useful. Even great magic spells can be interrupted by a swift arrow. We recommend using archers against mages.
Content: Knight*6,Priest*6,Mage*24
Rewards: 32006401580
45 The Perfect Weapon 1
Description: The reappearance of ancient troll machinery has been a nightmare on the battlefield. These machines are merciless and unstoppable.
Content: Iron Wheel*6
Rewards: 33006601600
46 Zombie Battle 1
Description: Defend the fortress and smite the army of zombies.
Content: Zombie*18
Rewards: 33506701620
47 Cold Knights 1
Description: Where are our mages? Prepare your staffs!
Content: Knight*18
Rewards: 33506701640
48 Absolute Zero 1
Description: "All of Carl's mages are on the move. Where my archers at?"
Content: Mage*42
Rewards: 33506701660
49 A Meteor Shower 1
Description: "You should make a wish. Huh? Your wish is to survive? Well, that's sort of like wishing for more wishes, isn't it..."
Content: Iron Wheel*9,Shaman*6
Rewards: 33506701680
50 The Return of Bad Mouth Carl 1
Description: "Bad Mouth Carl is as persistent as he is vulgar. He's at our gates again, this time with even more troops."
Content: Knight*3,Wolf Rider*3,Ninja*4,Berserker8012,Berserker8152,Succubus6042,Priest*4,Shaman*2
Rewards: 34006801700
51 Will of Iron 1
Description: Iron knights charge as steel bullets fly, both whistling like anguished cries on the wind.
Content: Knight*6,Troll*6,Troll*6,Iron Wheel*3,Priest*6
Rewards: 34506901720
52 Bloodthirsty Monsters 1
Description: A horde of Savage Tribe riders are outside the castle! The fog of war hangs heavy over the battlefield.
Content: Knight*12,Wolf Rider*6,Shaman*6
Rewards: 35007001740
53 The Angered Sky 1
Description: A rain of sharp arrows and steel bullets reaps the lives of countless soldiers.
Content: Knight*6,Priest*6,Archer*12,Iron Wheel*3
Rewards: 36007201760
54 A Challenge for the Conqueror 1
Description: Even after suffering so many humiliating defeats, Bad Mouth Carl seems to have a never-ending army. Muster up your courage and become a true conqueror.
Content: Knight*5,Wolf Rider*6,Shaman*2,Priest*2,Succubus10032,Ninja*6
Rewards: 37007401780
55 "Jack's Sneak Attack" 1
Description: "Captain Jack has come to raid the castle. Careful: more than the scourge of the sea, he's also a master of guerrilla warfare."
Content: Footman*6,Wolf Rider*6,Wolf Rider*2,Berserker4154,Wolf Rider*2,Ninja*6,Archer*6
Rewards: 40008001800
56 The Devil’s Nest 1
Description: "After years of ruthless battle, we're finally ready to look for Bad Mouth Carl's hideout."
Content: Footman*6,Wolf Rider*12,Archer*6
Rewards: 42008401810
57 A Bumpy Road 1
Description: "There's a long and bumpy road ahead, but we're more confident than ever."
Content: Knight*6,Shaman*6,Wolf Rider*12
Rewards: 43008601820
58 A Bright Light Ahead 1
Description: Arrange close-range units at the front and long-range units at the back for the most basic formation strategy.
Content: Footman*6,Troll*6,Archer*6,Priest*6,Zombie*6,Shaman*6
Rewards: 44008801830
59 Wisdom of War 1
Description: A battle-scarred hero is claiming he can teach everyone the true wisdom of war.
Content: Footman*6,Mage*6,Wolf Rider*6,Shaman*6,Iron Wheel*3
Rewards: 44008901840
60 A Failed Attempt 1
Description: "You say archangels are unstoppable? You've never heard the howls of wolf riders. We recommend using wolf riders against archangels."
Content: Archangel*6,Shaman*6
Rewards: 44508951850
61 Never Turn Back 1
Description: More experience is gained in more engaging battles.
Content: Knight*6,Priest*6,Ninja*12,Mage*3,Shaman*3,Archer*6
Rewards: 45009001860
62 Getting Close 1
Description: "We've reached a place surrounded by mountains, perfect for Carl’s hideout."
Content: Knight*12,Troll Cyborg*3,Mage*6
Rewards: 47009401870
63 Bad Mouth Fortress 1
Description: "Bad Mouth Carl has chosen a well-defended place to build his fortress, but we can't turn back now. Let's fight!"
Content: Knight*6,Wolf Rider*6,Mage*6,Priest*6,Archer*6
Rewards: 485010001880
64 Iron Howl 1
Description: This iron formation looms like a cloud in the sky, promising another blood rain.
Content: Knight*6,Iron Wheel*6,Shaman*6
Rewards: 500010301890
65 "Jack's Urge to Kill" 1
Description: The once unstoppable Jack has never before tasted defeat, a bitter flavor he can quench only with more blood.
Content: Footman*6,Troll*4,Berserker8103,Troll*4,Priest*6,Ninja*6,Iron Wheel*3
Rewards: 520010401900
66 Deceitful Witch 1
Description: There is always a strange shadow lurking amongst our enemy. Who is she?
Content: Footman*6,Troll*6,Priest*6,Ninja*6,Archer*6,Iron Wheel*1,Succubus12033,Iron Wheel*1
Rewards: 515010401920
67 Bad Mouth Rally 1
Description: Bad Mouth Carl has brought his foulness to the front line and rallied his troops to prepare against the intruders.
Content: Footman*4,Berserker6153,Footman*4,Troll*6,Priest*6,Ninja*6,Iron Wheel*3
Rewards: 545010401940
68 Belly of the Beast 1
Description: "Even after defeating Carl's outpost units, his army doesn't seem diminished."
Content: Troll Cyborg*3,Archangel*3,Wolf Rider*6,Priest*6
Rewards: 575010401960
69 Bad Mouth Death Squad 1
Description: "The army ahead seems willing to sacrifice their lives for Carl's cause. Fortunately, they are all close-range units, so we should be able to gain an advantage."
Content: Troll Cyborg*3,Priest*6,Knight*6,Footman*6,Troll*6
Rewards: 610012201980
70 A Team of Giants 1
Description: A team of giant armored machines combined with powerful magic casters, both ready to strike.
Content: Troll Cyborg*3,Archangel*3,Iron Wheel*3,Shaman*6
Rewards: 6150123011000
71 Close Contact 1
Description: "They're trying long-ranged units this time. The key is to get close-range troops in quickly and use each unit's weakness to our advantage."
Content: Archangel*3,Shaman*6,Mage*12,Archer*12
Rewards: 6200124011050
72 A New Face for Carl 20
Description: Long-time no see, Bad Mouth Carl! I can still smell you through that new armor.
Content: Troll Cyborg*2,Berserker8153,Archangel*3,Mage*4,Archer*6
Rewards: 6400128011100
73 Give Chase! 20
Description: "Carl is fleeing again! We won't let him get away this time. We'll take down everyone who stands in our way!"
Content: Troll Cyborg*3,Priest*6,Archangel*3,Wolf Rider*6
Rewards: 6500130011200
74 "Bad Mouth's Personal Guards" 20
Description: "A horde of archangels! Bad Mouth Carl's strongest teams are beginning to advance on us."
Content: Archangel*3,Shaman*6,Archangel*6
Rewards: 6600132011300
75 Bad Mouth Steel Squad 20
Description: Oh no, a squad of steel giants! Hang in there!
Content: Troll Cyborg*9,Priest*6
Rewards: 6700134011400
76 Endless Nightmare 20
Description: "A pirate's outfit... Captain Jack, we meet again old friend."
Content: Footman*6,Berserker803022,Archangel*2,Priest*6,Mage*6,Mage*6,Archer*6
Rewards: 7300146011500
77 Determined Trolls 20
Description: Jack has recruited new units armed with advanced weapons onto the battlefield.
Content: Troll Cyborg*3,Priest*6,Iron Wheel*6
Rewards: 7300147011550
78 Frere Jacques 21
Description: "Who would have thought that Bad Mouth Carl and Captain Jack are brothers? They've ambushed us!"
Content: Berserker605032,Berserker704012,Troll Cyborg*1,Wolf Rider*6,Wolf Rider*6,Archer*6
Rewards: 7400148011600
79 Relentless Jack 22
Description: They seem unbeatable! Time to appeal to luck.
Content: Mage*6,Berserker804032,Berserker805022,Archangel*1,Priest*6,Mage*6,Shaman*6,Archer*6
Rewards: 7500150011650
80 "Jack's Fortress" 22
Description: "This is Jack's fortress. Bad Mouth Carl won't be far after we win this battle."
Content: Mage*6,Wolf Rider*6,Archangel*3,Berserker6102,Berserker4122,Archangel*1
Rewards: 8000160011700
81 Showdown with the Jack Brothers 22
Description: "By getting rid of Carl's wingman, we will take one step closer to victory!"
Content: Troll Cyborg*3,Priest*1,Shaman*1,Priest*1,Shaman*1,Priest*1,Shaman*1,Mage*12,Berserker17122,Berserker10072,Archangel*1
Rewards: 8500170011750
82 New Weapons 22
Description: Confident enough to run through these newly-equipped footmen?
Content: Footman*65578
Rewards: 35007001750
83 Magic Archers 22
Description: Careful, these arrows are imbued with magical forces.
Content: Archer*262186
Rewards: 355075001770
84 Sharp Shooter 22
Description: You think a shotgun will make a difference now?
Content: Troll*65578
Rewards: 36008001820
85 Wind-breaking Knives 22
Description: No one is faster than my swords!
Content: Ninja*131114
Rewards: 36508501860
86 Pandora the Wicked Witch 23
Description: "Huh? Even the wicked witch Pandora has come to their aid? Well, hope she doesn't scuff her slippers. Soldiers, charge!"
Content: Troll Cyborg*3,Succubus605034,Berserker5083,Berserker7083,Archangel*3,Mage*6
Rewards: 6800136011800
87 "Pandora's Box" 23
Description: Pandora is proving more troublesome than expected. Where does she keep all these soldiers!?
Content: Archangel*3,Priest*3,Shaman*3,Wolf Rider*6,Berserker83,Succubus406034,Berserker83
Rewards: 6900138011850
88 "Pandora's Mirage" 23
Description: "What? An army of Pandoras!? Let's hope this is some sort of magical illusion."
Content: Troll Cyborg*3,Archangel*3,Mage*6,Succubus6094,Succubus7033,Succubus103
Rewards: 7000140011900
89 Destroying Pandora 23
Description: "We're ready to crush this wicked witch! There's no time for hesitation."
Content: Mage*6,Berserker4,Berserker84,Berserker4,Archangel*3,SuccubusWolf Rider*152,4,Succubus104
Rewards: 7100142011950
90 Trembling Earth 1
Description: Trained cavalry are speeding past, tearing up the earth.
Content: Knight*131090
Rewards: 37009001880
91 Icy Catastrophe 1
Description: "Ice wizards, attention! Don't let the enemy freeze you out!"
Content: Mage*65578
Rewards: 37509501920
92 Secular Devil 1
Description: An uprising of wolves so powerful, the moon is howling back.
Content: Wolf Rider*131090
Rewards: 380010001970
93 Wheels on the Sea of Bodies 1
Description: Iron wheels floating over clusters of bodies on a sea of blood.
Content: Iron Wheel*131081
Rewards: 385010501990
94 Defeating Bad Mouth Carl 1
Description: "True heroes always finishes what they start. This time, the only four-letter word we'll hear from Carl is \"Ciao!\""
Content: Berserker84,Succubus74,Berserker84,Priest*6,Mage*6,Succubus34,Berserker11104,Succubus34
Rewards: 9000180012000
95 Shadowed by Wings 1
Description: The angels are spreading their wings. Their attacks thunder down like angry bolts of retribution.
Content: Archangel*131075,Archangel*65539,Archangel*196611
Rewards: 3900110011030
96 Another Pilot 1
Description: A higher level robot requires a better pilot.
Content: Troll Cyborg*3,Troll Cyborg*65539,Troll Cyborg*131075
Rewards: 3950115011080
97 Formidable Opponent 1
Description: Nooooo! How did priests get so tough?
Content: Footman*131078,Priest*131078,Ninja*131078,Priest*131078,Iron Wheel*65539,Priest*131078
Rewards: 4000120011100
98 Fast and Furious 1
Description: "They were never soldiers, but that's how they surprise you."
Content: Footman*131078,Shaman*196614,Mage*131078,Shaman*196614,Wolf Rider*131078,Shaman*196614
Rewards: 4050125011120
99 Masked Legion 31
Description: These mysterious troops are the first sign of new power emerging.
Content: Footman*6,Troll*6,Ninja*6,Shaman*6,Knight*6,Shaman*6
Rewards: 50009501850
100 Masked King Juster 31
Description: Here comes Juster, a black-clothed grim reaper smiling through a veil of blood!
Content: Footman*6,Troll*6,Ninja*6,Shaman*6,Knight*2,Berserker1412035,Knight*2,Shaman*6
Rewards: 700090011650
101 Black Royal Guardians 31
Description: Is this a gangster movie or something?
Content: Knight*6,Ninja*12,Knight*2,Berserker1411055,Knight*2,Ninja*6
Rewards: 700095011700
102 "Jack's return?!" 31
Description: "Is that really... Jack? Isn't he already…"
Content: Knight*6,Priest*6,Wolf Rider*2,Berserker4100,Wolf Rider*2,Archangel*1,Berserker514035,Archangel*1
Rewards: 9000180011900
103 Soul Puppets 31
Description: Alive or dead, Jack and Carl are always the losers!
Content: Knight*6,Wolf Rider*1,Berserker1004150,Berserker1004150,Wolf Rider*1,Archangel*1,Berserker1103145,Archangel*1,Shaman*6
Rewards: 9300190012100
104 Souls on Fire 31
Description: Somehow, the puppet has reached stage two.
Content: Knight*6,Mage*6,Wolf Rider*1,Berserker817012,Berserker817022,Wolf Rider*1,Archangel*1,Berserker1114035,Archangel*1
Rewards: 9600197012150
105 Soul Flurry 31
Description: The evil forces have crushed the last shackles of the War Spirit. The pinnacle of war is coming!
Content: Troll Cyborg*3,Berserker211174,Archangel*1,Berserker111174,Shaman*6,Archangel*1,Berserker1114035,Archangel*1
Rewards: 210012200
106 Delicate Soul 31
Description: Guess who comes after Carl and Jack?
Content: Knight*6,Ninja*6,Archer*6,Shaman*6,Succubus912032,Berserker311145,Succubus903122
Rewards: 210012200
107 The Horror of Her Completion 31
Description: The complete Pandora- what a nightmare!
Content: Knight*6,Archangel*3,Shaman*6,Succubus1113034,Berserker1403115,Succubus311134
Rewards: 200212012300
108 Dancing Elemental 31
Description: The war changes, but power remains!
Content: Archangel*131075,Mage*131090,Archangel*131075
Rewards: 7030120011430
109 "Cavalier's Pride" 31
Description: Our victory is certain!
Content: Knight*131078,Wolf Rider*65542,Wolf Rider*131078,Shaman*196614
Rewards: 7120124011510
110 Raids from the Clouds 31
Description: From high to low and the same way back, the grim reaper never rests.
Content: Wolf Rider*131078,Archer*131084,Iron Wheel*196611,Shaman*131078
Rewards: 7190128011590
111 Saint Force 31
Description: Where there is conviction, there is force.
Content: Archangel*65539,Priest*131078,Priest*65542,Archangel*196611,Priest*196614
Rewards: 7310132011620
112 Walls of Iron 31
Description: Faced with a wall of iron, moving even an inch forward is pure delusion.
Content: Troll Cyborg*196611,Mage*131078,Shaman*131078,Archangel*65539,Shaman*196614
Rewards: 7370136011670
113 Full Power 31
Description: "Don't underestimate this battle, or you'll earn a lifetime of I-told-you-so's."
Content: Footman*131078,Troll*131078,Mage*131078,Archer*131078,Iron Wheel*196611,Shaman*196614
Rewards: 7450140011780
114 Emperor of Spears 31
Description: Just attack and defend. No problem, right?
Content: Troll*6,Knight*65542,Troll*131078,Knight*196614,Troll*262150
Rewards: 7460144011800
115 Lights of the Trinity 31
Description: Magic can kill but also heal.
Content: Mage*131078,Priest*131078,Mage*196614,Priest*196614,Archangel*196611,Priest*262150
Rewards: 7530148011860

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