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# Task Name Require Level Tasks Description
1 A Great Legacy 1
Description: You, hero, have defended your kingdom. Would you tell me your name? It shall be remembered in the annals of history.
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 3800110010300
2 Castle Defense Formation 1
Description: "With the new castle, everything will begin anew. Remember, safety always comes first, so let's start our defense now!"
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 2100520150
3 Changing Your Signature! 1
Description: "Click on the top left player avatar to open the player information page. Click on the signature box to enter your personal greeting, for example, DON'T STEAL MY GOODIES! You can also change your password/avatar or reset your game here."
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 1100120160
4 Great Rivalry 1
Description: Select the shield icon and choose an opponent to fight. You will gain points and advance your rankings.
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 20020170
5 Sneaky Thief 1
Description: "Don't your friend's resources look tempting? Go ahead, no one is watching."
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 20030180
6 Winning Streak 6
Description: Select the Prison Cell and choose a target player to attack. He or she will become your hostage and do your labor.
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 200201260
7 Through Thick and Thin 10
Description: Anything for a friend.
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 7801601240
8 SOS 10
Description: Feeling generous? You can help rescue your friend when you see his or her SOS sign is on.
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 20030170
9 Building an Empire Together 12
Description: This time, we will nail it!
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 16003301370
10 Common Wealth 12
Description: Helping others is another way of helping yourself.
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 17003701390
11 Little Convoys 24
Description: I take as much as I please. No more worries about gold and crystals!
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 18004001410
12 Hidden Ambush 24
Description: "They've upped their defensive power."
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 19004501450
13 Joint Efforts 24
Description: All for one, and one for all!
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 22005001500

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