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# Task Name Require Level Tasks Description
1 Repelling the Robbers 11
Description: Bandits are constantly hanging around the outskirts of Grand Village. The village mayor has requested that we chase the bandits away for good.
Content: 10001
Rewards: 930470110
2 Stunned 11
Description: In the midst of our crusade, we found that many of the robbers are imperial subjects! We must get to the root of the problem.
Content: 10002
Rewards: 930570110
3 Their Journey Begins 11
Description: "Defeating their leader has proven your strength. They're willing to rise against Larry with you!"
Content: 10008
Rewards: 9305701110
4 "Larry's Forces" 13
Description: "We've discovered a band of Larry's troops stationed in the Iron Forest. Let's check it out."
Content: 20001
Rewards: 1700740250
5 "The Tyrant's Massacre" 13
Description: "They've slaughtered innocent people in this land! We must stop them!"
Content: 20016
Rewards: 17007601250
6 An Investigation 15
Description: "Whitewater River is overrun with a strange plague, while Larry's troops remain immune. There's something very wrong here."
Content: 30005
Rewards: 1870800200
7 Furtive Forces 15
Description: "It really is Larry's forces making mischief. But to what end? Let's see."
Content: 30006
Rewards: 1870800200
8 Dark Sacrifice 15
Description: "They're sacrificing innocent souls to complete an evil ritual! What dark power is Larry mixed up in? We must put an end to this wild scheme!"
Content: 30012
Rewards: 1780810200
9 Monster Monkeys 15
Description: Whitewater River has been garrisoned by magical monsters! Defeat them before they can escape!
Content: 30020
Rewards: 18708301200
10 "Next Stop: Ne'erfrost Harbor!" 18
Description: "Ne'erfrost Harbor is the largest port in the empire. Control the harbor to control the supply of goods across the country. First, let's defeat the surrounding garrisons."
Content: 40006
Rewards: 2100500400
11 Gaining Control 18
Description: "Ne'erfrost Harbor's surrounding guards are excellently equipped and quite strong. Defeating them won't be easy, but it will give us an important foothold."
Content: 40018
Rewards: 2100500400
12 Seizing the Harbor 18
Description: "Take the harbor control room, and maybe we'll draw our enemy out further."
Content: 40024
Rewards: 21005001400
13 A Bizarre Boulevard 20
Description: "The air over Loeffing Boulevard is still and dead. What has Larry done here? Let's investigate."
Content: 50006
Rewards: 3000600400
14 A Barren Battlefield 20
Description: "The guards of every stronghold on Loeffing Boulevard are holding fast, refusing to emerge. This isn't like their previous strategy. Are they protecting something? We have to get to the Loeffing Boulevard interior."
Content: 50026
Rewards: 3000600400
15 Ground Zero 20
Description: "The source of the plague is before us! Disrupt the ceremony and capture the shaman. Then we can finally find out what Larry's up to!"
Content: 50031
Rewards: 30006001400
16 Returning to Evensnow City 22
Description: "We've finally returned to the familiar city of Evensnow. Let's cut off their outposts quickly; wouldn't want them to spoil our surprise to Larry."
Content: 60006
Rewards: 4100820700
17 Making Enemies 22
Description: Under siege, William saw one of his old soldiers. Since he has already allied himself with Larry, we have no choice but to fight it out on the battlefield.
Content: 60022
Rewards: 4100820700
18 Pandora! 22
Description: "Larry has set Pandora free! What an idiot. Defeat Pandora's demon army before they can advance beyond Evensnow!"
Content: 60032
Rewards: 41008201700
19 Pursuing Pandora 24
Description: "We've chased Pandora to Leafy Spring,but it looks like she's left some troops at the entrance to prevent us from following her. Eliminate them!"
Content: 70006
Rewards: 54001080850
20 "Pandora's Magic" 24
Description: "Pandora's enchanted armies keep getting stronger and stronger. We better defeat her soon!"
Content: 70021
Rewards: 54001080850
21 Magic Forces 24
Description: "Pandora left two Demon Fangs behind to attack us. We'll have to defeat them before we can continue our pursuit."
Content: 70028
Rewards: 540010801850
22 The Chase in Fire Valley 26
Description: "Pandora has unexpectedly set up an aide-de-camp on guard here, probably to prevent us from entering the valley. She's definitely up to something evil. We can't let her win!"
Content: 80012
Rewards: 660014001000
23 The Chase Continues 26
Description: "We're hot on Pandora's trail again. We have to beat the intervening soldiers as quickly as possible and continue the chase!"
Content: 80025
Rewards: 660014001000
24 Magic Soldiers 26
Description: "Pandora used her magic to summon even more demon soldiers. She's obviously stalling for time. Whatever she's up to, we'll have to beat these demonic units before we can find out."
Content: 80030
Rewards: 660014001000
25 And Throw Away the Key! 26
Description: Pandora is opening a portal to the demon realm! Quickly, beat her soldiers and lock that portal down!
Content: 80036
Rewards: 6600140011000
26 Investigating Black Snow Mountain 28
Description: "Luckily we got the portal closed quickly, but it seems like something unusual is going on at the top of Black Snow Mountain. Let's go check it out."
Content: 90007
Rewards: 720016001200
27 The Magic Dragon Lands 28
Description: "Even though we cut off the Devil's arrival, the fearsome Magic Dragon made it through instead. Defeat the nearby troops so we can continue onwards."
Content: 90014*4
Rewards: 7200150011200
28 A Race Against Time 28
Description: "Magic fire threatens to consume the world! The longer we put it off, the larger the disaster will grow. Don't savor the battle; quickly terminate the demon soldiers on the mountain and rush to face the Magic Dragon!"
Content: 90021
Rewards: 720015001200
29 The Eve of the Last Battle 28
Description: "We're close to Snowcloak Cliff now, and we can see the Magic Dragon's gigantic outline on the horizon! We can't let the Magic Dragon open the portal again. Let's hurry to him, and to our final battle."
Content: 90029
Rewards: 7200160011200
30 Breakthrough 30
Description: "Even though we're exhausted, we don't have much time left. Break through the surrounding soldiers and continue into the wilderness, towards the dragon's lair."
Content: 100006
Rewards: 750020001400
31 "Kick Him While He's Down!" 30
Description: The Magic Dragon is still weak from his descent to the mortal plane; we have to act quickly, before he recovers his strength, or no one will be able to stop his great awakening.
Content: 100013
Rewards: 750020001400
32 Showdown: Man vs. Demon! 30
Description: Before the dragon recovers his full strength, stab him in the heart and end his evil rampage!
Content: 100039
Rewards: 7500200021400

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