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# Task Name Require Level Tasks Description
1 Footmen Barracks 1
Description: The first step to recruiting footmen is to build some barracks.
Content: 步兵营地,1
Rewards: 4001001200
2 Fort Gold Mine 2
Description: This fort will certainly grow on you when you find the gold mine inside!
Content: 金矿,1
Rewards: 480110150
3 Where Does Money Come From? 2
Description: Need more gold to recruit units? Construct a gold mine and harvest 300 gold. Remember to use your MOJOs to speed things up!
Content: Gold,300
Rewards: 490110150
4 Recruit: Footmen 2
Description: Find the Barracks to start recruiting footmen. Need more population room? Use the construction panel to build more Red-shingled Houses.
Content: Footman*5
Rewards: 500120160
5 Expanding Territories 2
Description: You need more land to establish a grand empire. Select the windmill to expand your empire.
Content: 扩地1次
Rewards: 500120160
6 Accommodation 2
Description: Click the hammer and find the red shelter. This is the best way to raise your population limit.
Content: 红瓦房,1
Rewards: 500120160
7 Discovering Crystal 3
Description: Select the build icon and construct a Crystal Mine to start harvesting crystal.
Content: Crystal矿,1
Rewards: 500120170
8 Harvest Precious Resources 3
Description: These blue crystals contain magical powers, so handle with care.
Content: Crystal,50
Rewards: 510130170
9 Recruit: Trolls 3
Description: Recruit your new unit! Select the Barracks, tap on the upgrade icon and you will soon find these spear-wielding trolls in the recruit panel.
Content: Troll*5
Rewards: 520330180
10 Build a Shooting Range 5
Description: Construct a Shooting Range to recruit these elf archers.
Content: 靶场营地,1
Rewards: 520330180
11 Recruit: Archers 5
Description: We need more units! Construct a Shooting Range to recruit these long-range elvin archers.
Content: Archer*5
Rewards: 560330190
12 Recruit: Ninjas 7
Description: A group of mysterious units from the east who cover their faces and wield strange weapons. Upgrade the Shooting Range to level 3 to recruit them.
Content: Ninja*5
Rewards: 3003601140
13 Build a Warehouse 7
Description: To prevent enemies from coming and looting our resources, we need to build a Warehouse! The Warehouse can be used to set aside some resources and protect them from raiders.
Content: 仓库,1
Rewards: 300300240
14 Magic Library 9
Description: Want to become a priest? Start by hitting the books- or rather, grimoires.
Content: 魔法学徒书馆,1
Rewards: 6004001780
15 Recruit: Priests 9
Description: Need a medic? Construct a Magic Library to recruit these priests, masters of healing magic.
Content: Priest*5
Rewards: 6504301820
16 Build: Blacksmith 10
Description: For the well-dressed foot soldier.
Content: 铁匠铺,1
Rewards: 6904401460
17 Upgrade Footmen 10
Description: "It's so wonderful to become so powerful…"
Content: Footman*1
Rewards: 7606001460
18 Upgrade Trolls 10
Description: For better or for worse, their skin will stay blue.
Content: Troll*1
Rewards: 13006402640
19 Build: Wind Shrine 11
Description: Our slogan is: faster, farther, and flawlessly accurate!
Content: 风神殿,1
Rewards: 8406601480
20 Upgrade Archers 11
Description: "Don't worry about a black sky- it's only a storm of arrows."
Content: Archer*1
Rewards: 9306701480
21 Upgrade Warehouse 11
Description: After upgrading the Warehouse, it will have an increased capacity for protecting a greater amount of resources. Please upgrade your Warehouse to level 2.
Content: 仓库,1
Rewards: 930630480
22 Build a Stable 12
Description: Riders are worth the pain it is to feed these four-legged beasts.
Content: 马厩,1
Rewards: 10006701520
23 Recruit: Knights 12
Description: "Archers are powerful, but we're ready to roll in their worst nightmare."
Content: Knight*5
Rewards: 11007001600
24 Upgrade Blacksmith 12
Description: Let steel and iron cut as one!
Content: 铁匠铺,1
Rewards: 12007001620
25 Upgrade Footmen 12
Description: "It's so wonderful to become so powerful…"
Content: Footman*2
Rewards: 14007002660
26 Upgrade Ninjas 12
Description: "You can't see it, but they hold the wind in their hands."
Content: Ninja*1
Rewards: 16007102720
27 Upgrade Wind Shrine 13
Description: Enemies will lose their heads before they even see us!
Content: 风神殿,1
Rewards: 15507202720
28 Upgrade Archers 13
Description: "Don't worry about a black sky- it's only a storm of arrows."
Content: Archer*2
Rewards: 16507602740
29 Build: Magic Altar 13
Description: Wizards are born bookworms!
Content: 魔法祭坛,1
Rewards: 17008002740
30 Upgrade Priests 13
Description: Time heals all wounds. So, we should probably shorten that time.
Content: Priest*1
Rewards: 17507702780
31 Upgrade Knights 13
Description: When their iron boots settle again on this land, the very earth will quake!
Content: Knight*1
Rewards: 19507702860
32 Imperial Refugees 13
Description: "It seems that under Larry's tyranny, the people grew desperate and had no choice but to turn to a life of crime. We'll defeat their base camp and appeal to their leader to set things right."
Content: 10005,3
Rewards: 9405701600
33 Recruit: Mages 14
Description: Want to freeze your enemies? Recruit these advanced mages, wielders of frost magic.
Content: Mage*5
Rewards: 1500790700
34 Build a Research Center 14
Description: The people who work here are such weirdos, going on and on about production speed, capacity, and all that other nerd stuff…
Content: 研究所,1
Rewards: 1570810720
35 Gold Rush 14
Description: If one hour can produce this much gold, then one hundred hours…
Content: Gold产量,1
Rewards: 8203720
36 Upgrade Mages 15
Description: Long before freezers, mages relished the great sense of accomplishment of manipulating liquid water into solid ice.
Content: Mage*1
Rewards: 245057021080
37 Build an Alchemy Lab 15
Description: "Give your weapons and armor that elusive element of, 'Ooh, shiny!'"
Content: 炼金屋,1
Rewards: 1630900720
38 Gem Fusion 101 15
Description: Everybody starts simple, right?
Content: 2级生命宝石,1
Rewards: 1660910800
39 A Teleport!? 15
Description: "I'm flickering, I'm flickering, I'm..."
Content: 士兵闪避,1
Rewards: 17309503800
40 A Powerful Aura 15
Description: Mount gems on your weapons and watch them shine with a powerful light.
Content: 2级生命宝石
Rewards: 1770570800
41 Recruit: Wolf Riders 16
Description: Yes, they are terrifying, but with enough gold, you can be their master. Upgrade the Stable to recruit Wolf Riders.
Content: Wolf Rider*5
Rewards: 18004001400
42 Upgrade Blacksmith 16
Description: Let steel and iron cut as one!
Content: 铁匠铺,2
Rewards: 18704302410
43 Upgrade Footmen 16
Description: "It's so wonderful to become so powerful…"
Content: Footman*3
Rewards: 20504502450
44 Upgrade Magic Altar 17
Description: Luckily, there are shortcuts to becoming a magic master.
Content: 魔法祭坛,1
Rewards: 24005502530
45 Upgrade Wolf Riders 17
Description: Our adrenaline is pumping. It must be the power granted by our ancestors!
Content: Wolf Rider*1
Rewards: 26505102560
46 Magic Temple 18
Description: "I feel dizzy just looking at all these bookshelves. Don't be surprised if you enter clean-shaven and come out with a long white beard."
Content: 魔法大师圣殿,1
Rewards: 21005001450
47 Recruit: Shamans 18
Description: "Shamans can cast powerful magic to accelerate your units' movement. They are best positioned in the center of your troop formation."
Content: Shaman*5
Rewards: 23005301500
48 Clearing the Waters 18
Description: "Whitewater River is still polluted by some straggling bands of soldiers; let's clean them out."
Content: 30012,3
Rewards: 19004501250
49 Good As New 18
Description: "Their forces are rich in resources. Let's help ourselves and see if we can get some valuable fragments!"
Content: 炙热冲击碎片,1
Rewards: 1700790250
50 Fortifying Your Castle 16
Description: We need a strong castle to put our minds at ease.
Content: 城墙HP,1
Rewards: 17609703500
51 Bigger and Better 18
Description: Our fusion gems are getting enormous!
Content: 3级敏捷宝石,2
Rewards: 17609701000
52 Upgrade Wind Shrine 19
Description: Enemies will lose their heads before they even see us!
Content: 风神殿,2
Rewards: 25605902550
53 Upgrade Shamans 19
Description: Wanna be faster? The shaman will show you the way!
Content: Shaman*1
Rewards: 500010002770
54 Upgrade Magic Altar 20
Description: Luckily, there are shortcuts to becoming a magic master.
Content: 魔法祭坛,2
Rewards: 45009002710
55 Protecting Our Victory 20
Description: "Clear out the leftover troops surrounding Ne'erfrost Harbor to stabilize the port."
Content: 40012,4
Rewards: 2560590450
56 Build Mech Lab 21
Description: Ding, Ding, Ding. What time is it? Do these mechanical freaks ever take a break?
Content: 机械实验室,1
Rewards: 37006401600
57 Recruit: Iron Wheels 21
Description: "Everyone who sees it makes the same remark: it's the perfect long-range weapon for killing and destruction."
Content: Iron Wheel*5
Rewards: 40008101700
58 Another Gem 21
Description: If we succeed, this gem will be unrecognizable from its previous form.
Content: 4级坚体宝石,1
Rewards: 400010002100
59 Holding Our Ground 22
Description: Our enemy has sent out many small waves of enemies, trying to break our hold on Loeffing Avenue. We must stop them!
Content: 50013,4
Rewards: 37006401450
60 "The Shaman's Leftovers" 22
Description: "Some of the shaman's followers are still trying to restore the ceremony. We'll punish them and their evil creed!"
Content: 50020,4
Rewards: 37006401450
61 Recruit: Archangels 23
Description: "We need a stronger army to break through Bad Mouth Carl's fortress. Time to summon the archangels. Upgrade your Magic Temple to level 4."
Content: Archangel*5
Rewards: 510010201800
62 Exorcizing the Demons 24
Description: "Pandora has released scores of demonic soldiers! Let's cast them out!"
Content: 60028,4
Rewards: 45008501750
63 Recruit: Troll Cyborgs 25
Description: These steel giants will help clear away any obstacles blocking our road to victory.
Content: Troll Cyborg*5
Rewards: 6300126011000
64 "Pandora's Crutch" 26
Description: "Defeat Pandora's reinforcements and we'll cripple her power base."
Content: 70013,4
Rewards: 630012601950
65 Burning Up in Fire Valley 28
Description: "The portal's been closed, but some demons still slipped through the cracks into our world. We'll melt them down in Fire Valley!"
Content: 80018,3
Rewards: 7000150011050
66 "This is the Battle that Doesn't End..." 31
Description: "The Magic Dragon is summoning magical soldiers nonstop. It's an obvious stall tactic, but we can't let these demons get past Snowcloak Cliff!"
Content: 100020,5
Rewards: 7500200011400
67 And It Goes On and On... 31
Description: "The sheer magnitude of these demonic soldiers is terrifying. They'll keep appearing if we don't defeat the Magic Dragon soon-- we'll have to go directly to his castle!"
Content: 100033,5
Rewards: 7500200011400

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