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# Task Name Require Level Tasks Description
1 Amateur Gold Collector 1
Description: You never forget your first pot of gold.
Content: Gold,300
Rewards: 30010
2 Hourglass User 1
Description: Use MOJO to make time go by faster!
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 2001030
3 Advanced Gold Collector 1
Description: Remember to collect your gold on time to prevent your friends from stealing it!
Content: Gold,500
Rewards: 50020
4 Master Gold Collector 1
Description: If the first thing you do after waking up is collect gold, then you have become a gold collecting master.
Content: Gold,1000
Rewards: 70030
5 Amateur Thief 1
Description: Visit your friends often to receive unexpected gifts!
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 2003030
6 Share Your Empire 1
Description: Share your empire and send pictures with just a click!
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 1000500140
7 Casual Participant 1
Description: A true hero never turns away once a battle has started.
Content: 0,2
Rewards: 2002020
8 Regular Participant 1
Description: So you think have a strong army? Go prove yourself in the arena.
Content: 0,3
Rewards: 3003030
9 First Blood 1
Description: After your first victory in the arena, no one can call you an amateur ever again.
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 3003030
10 Double Kill 1
Description: "One victory doesn't prove anything. You have to keep challenging yourself."
Content: 0,2
Rewards: 7007050
11 Killing Spree 1
Description: How does it feel to be on a winning streak? Want to go again?
Content: 0,3
Rewards: 1200120100
12 Become a Conqueror 1
Description: "Occupy another player's castle to collect taxes."
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 3003020
13 More Conquests 1
Description: Occupy your opponents while they are producing units or resources to reap the most benefits.
Content: 0,2
Rewards: 6006040
14 King of Kings 1
Description: More occupied countries means more tax income.
Content: 0,3
Rewards: 9009060
15 A Savior Appears 1
Description: Rescue your friends not only to gain rewards, but also their trust.
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 5005050
16 The Savior Arrives 1
Description: "The Savior's Motto: Do good deeds without asking for anything in return."
Content: 0,2
Rewards: 7007070
17 The Great Savior 1
Description: Rescue others to rescue yourself.
Content: 0,3
Rewards: 9009090
18 Amateur Crystal Collector 1
Description: Crystals are essential for recruiting advanced units, making them even more valuable than gold.
Content: Crystal,200
Rewards: 5005030
19 Advanced Crystal Collector 1
Description: These great magical power that shines out of these crystals will blind those who are weak.
Content: Crystal,300
Rewards: 7007050
20 Master Crystal Collector 1
Description: Our hunger for crystals can never be satisfied!
Content: Crystal,500
Rewards: 9009070
21 Union Leader 15
Description: Time to show off your shining personality.
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 3003020
22 Regional King 15
Description: "You've dominated the whole neighborhood. You're almost invincible!"
Content: 0,2
Rewards: 6006040
23 King of the World 1
Description: You have followers all over the world. Their ranks can take heaven and earth!
Content: 0,3
Rewards: 9009060
24 Primary Production Planner 1
Description: Efficiency is key!
Content: 0,2
Rewards: 2003030
25 Senior Production Planner 1
Description: Half the work, twice the results!
Content: 0,4
Rewards: 5005040
26 Advanced Production Planner 1
Description: Done in the blink of an eye!
Content: 0,6
Rewards: 8007050
27 Resource Guardian 1
Description: "Attention, thieves, we don't want your kind here."
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 2003040
28 Captain of the Resource Guardians 1
Description: "You just don't give a damn about money!"
Content: 0,3
Rewards: 5005050
29 Saint of the Resource Guardians 1
Description: You are obviously something saintly after completing this mission.
Content: 0,5
Rewards: 8007060
30 Firefighter 1
Description: "Where there's smoke, there's fire. Where there's fire... there's me!"
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 4004020
31 Master Extinguisher 1
Description: Fire is now a piece of cake!
Content: 0,2
Rewards: 6006040
32 Flame Killer 1
Description: A title bestowed by the masses, not of my own invention.
Content: 0,3
Rewards: 9009060
33 Occupational Goalkeeper 1
Description: Wanna get in? Get past me first!
Content: 0,1
Rewards: 3004030
34 National Goalkeeper 1
Description: "If anyone wants to break in here, I'll make sure they regret it!"
Content: 0,2
Rewards: 5005050
35 God of Goalkeepers 1
Description: Safe and Sound!
Content: 0,3
Rewards: 7006070

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